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Finished Pattichis Museum 1Finished Pattichis Museum 1
Finished Pattichis Museum 4Finished Pattichis Museum 4
Finished Pattichis Museum 5Finished Pattichis Museum 5
Finished Pattichis Museum 6Finished Pattichis Museum 6
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Commercial Renovation Project in Limassol Town Centre

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This project features the complete redesign and renovation of the Museum of Industrial Pharmacy of Cyprus located in the Carob Mill complex in Limassol.


  • Construction works begun in December 2021.
  • 150+ sq/m of interior property area to be renovated and refitted.
  • 100% replacement of legacy electricity and heating systems.
  • Repair and restoration of legacy historic floor fixtures. 
  • Preservation and insulation of the property’s historic stone walls. 
  • Integration with smart technologies to optimise energy consumption and security.
  • Creation of custom interior design features and furniture such as wall recessed LED exhibit cases. 
  • Remodelling and repurposing of storage space to create office spaces. 
  • Design, creation and fitting of decorative fixtures such as logo-branded columns and lighting. 
  • Addition of supplementary electrical wiring for smart technology museum features such as interactive screens and TV displays. 
  • Installation of CCTV for the premises.
  • Construction works successfully completed in April 2022. 

Before & After

Before Pattichis Museum 1 After Pattichis Museum 1
Before Pattichis Museum 2 After Pattichis Museum 2
Before Pattichis Museum 3 After Pattichis Museum 3 R
Before Pattichis Museum 6 After Pattichis Museum 4

Progression of Works