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Our DTC Construction Services

Whatever our clients budgets and building requirements are we have it covered.

Planning & Design

We help our clients with all initial stages of their construction project - including the actual planning of the construction project and the designing of the building's features and layout. We ensure that our clients have a comprehensive building plan encapsulating their construction goals and targets.

Consulting Services

We utilise our significant experience in the Cyprus construction industry to consult and advise our clients on all aspects and topics relating to their construction project - including pricing, building material selection, construction technologies and optimum building space utilisation.

Project Management

We undertake the most important aspect of any construction project on behalf of our clients - that of managing their construction project and ensuring that it is built according to the design, quality specifications and timelines of its building plan.

3-D Modelling

We specialise in 3 Dimensional Modelling of construction spaces, offering our clients the option of fully seeing how their building spaces will look like, down to the details of interior design and furnishings, even before construction of their project begins. This is especially important for ensuring that the clients requirements are reflected in the design and planning of the project.

Interior Design

We have an eye for the elegant and innovative interior designing of spaces - whether the emphasis is on classical luxury, modern minimalism or combination styles matching our clients taste, we have it covered. We offer our clients advice, guidance and brainstorming ideas on how to make their new building spaces truly their own, as well as sourcing any interior design materials they desire.

Customised Furnishings

We enable our clients to truly customise their building spaces by designing and hand-crafting customised furnishings to suit all their needs. We specialise in customised designer kitchens, luxury furniture such as formal dinning tables, coffee tables, dressers, vanities and any other type of furnishing that our clients desire. We work with any budget to materialise our clients dreams.

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DTC Construction - from start to finish we are by your side


A comprehensive construction project plan must detail the client's building needs and requirements, the associated project financial budget and the construction timelines. We help our clients gather all this information, advising them along them way on the best practices when it comes to the Cyprus construction industry.


Part of the construction project plan is the actual design and building specifications of the construction. This includes design of the building space layout, descriptions of the optimum construction material to be used and the required technologies and resources needed to successfully complete the project.


Once the Planning and Designing of the construction project are successfully completed - it is time for the actual building. Detail oriented project management is crucial to ensure that the project is completed on time, to specification and according to the client's requirements. Our experienced team is by our client's side to facilitate this.

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